Fundación Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington, „La maja del Tarot“, 1965
© VG BILDKUNST/ Courtesy of Fundación Leonora Carrington

The foundation is made up of Harold Gabriel Weisz Carrington, Daniel Weisz Argomedo and Martha Patricia Argomedo Manrique. This is a foundation that will be responsible for the study, research and compilation of the work of Leonora Carrington, as well as other arts linked to a sense of wonder. It is a non-profit organization.

Among the purposes that encourage us are the organization of events and the promotion of Leonora’s written and visual work. A very relevant aspect is the application of art to therapy, a discipline known as Art Therapy.
At the moment it is a foundation that does not have financial resources. The wealth that is thought to accumulate in this foundation is of the intellectual and artistic order.

This group seeks to protect and disseminate the work of Leonora Carrington. Therefore, you can get involved in exhibitions, or any activity that is relevant to your work. It works with museums and centers for the care of the elderly. From the point of view of the protection of the work, it also seeks a guarantee of its authenticity and quality. This foundation will work with universities, museums, auction houses, galleries and publishers. It also has a consultative character. From the point of view of research or any creative work, or documentary that relates to our interests.  Another function that derives from the previous proposals is the formation of an archive.

Due to the characteristics of this foundation, it is our intention to help people, students and researchers, who have the purpose of studying the pictorial, artistic and narrative work of Leonora Carrington. But we are also concerned about many other expressions in various artistic media and the expressions that it may have in Mexico.