More than half of all artists are women. Yet, they are still a minority in the art market, and only very few of them appear in the last century’s historical study of art.

But why have artists and their works fallen into oblivion?


And what are the mechanisms behind this systematic omission?

„The canon of art history is actually an instrument of power and domination, expressing a certain form of society and a dominant ideology.”
Christian Saehrendt, art historian

“Art history is a very old-fashioned tool. It’s as old as the museum. Let’s reinvent these things!”
Frances Morris, Director of TATE Modern

Discover the forgotten female artists, their work, and thus also the history of European art anew with LOST WOMAN ART.

We reclaim the names of the artists like pieces of a puzzle. Worldwide, a diverse array of creators and institutions are working on the rediscovery and rewriting of art history. Our journey begins in Europe, the project is Work in Progress.

Discover our first selection of female artists

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Lost Woman Art

Lost Woman Art

100 Years of European Art History RELOADED
and full-on female
Malweiber in der Künstlerkolonie Groetzingen / Karlsruhe